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With Our Plight Comes Pride. 

TRANS sees you, an amazing human! We see the whole person. not selectively the injustices we endure as individuals or collectively as a marginalized community. We don't and can't write our history without including many of our voices. 

TRANS student journalists want to write about the hurdles you've overcome and the strengths you've pulled from these. Our individual accomplishments deserve the same recognition and admiration the mainstream media outlets give to cisgender individuals. 

Just be trans, be you and be visible. Be the one others (trans or cis) look up to. Cis allies can also nominate (WITH PERMISSION) an outstanding trans friend whose life story they think is an inspiration to many people. While we prioritize our coverage to Washington, DC and Maryland, we don't reject a trans person's story of resilience no matter where they live. 

Life's short. It's shorter for many trans people.
We celebrate life while we're living it. 


To heal, we need to acknowledge our struggles and pains but not let the news media stigmatize and sensationalize the sufferings of our trans and gender nonbinary community (particularly BIPOC). More importantly, we cannot let mainstream outlets (most of them run on advertisement revenue) re-traumatize us after many of us have jumped through hoops and are still fighting for what should have been already our rights by now. We definitely shouldn't have to fight for "equal time" for positive transgender portrayal in the media.

We don't get to read many of the kind of "Inspired Life" stories about trans people because mainstream media is allergic to the extraordinary achievements of ordinary trans people, many of whom at one point or another have experienced homelessness and who face employment discrimination at twice the rate (four tines in the case of BIPOC) that cisgender individuals are subjected to this barrier to career opportunities. Even LGBTQ news sources don't get this right - an ordinary trans person would have to get murdered or have something bad happen to them to get written about. 

Five years ago, she was a homeless high school valedictorian. Saturday, she got a degree from Georgetown.

This Maryland man was a sanitation worker. Now he is accepted to Harvard Law School.

When the news media is allergic to our accomplishments and wouldn't publicize about us, what does that teach the majority of the general public (80 percent) who don't know a trans person? That we're all getting murdered because each one of us is doing sex work for survival? The news media has responsibility for where the public discourse is going

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The contact form below can also be used to report any defamatory coverage about a transgender person or otherwise biased, unfair, insensitive and incompetent media portrayal about the trans community. Deadaming and misgendering are examples of disrespect to our identities and they insinuate that we are not who we know ourselves to be. Sadly, they are only the tip of the iceberg - the media's implicit and explicit bias against our community runs deep.


If you spot such coverage, please include a link to such article, news story, blog post, commentary, video and audio etc. Include the date of the publication, time and date of the broadcast program and the names of reporter/ writer and outlet. We do re-writes and post them on our Corrections page. These help our student journalist trainees learn and put their knowledge into practice more effectively. 

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